Two Things That Can Make the Cisco CCNA Exam Less Intimidating

Just like with any test you take, there are things to remember when it comes to the Cisco CCNA exam. There are rules that will be applied when the exam is happening of which you want to be aware. Below are two things that can help you with taking your Cisco CCNA exam and that will make the exam less harrowing for you.

Jot down any important points prior to exam.

Before starting your test, ask for some scratch paper so you can write down the points you might have to remember while you’re taking the exam. This is permitted during the cert exam and many people find it really helpful. These things might include:


•          Access lists

•          Model layers of OSI

•          Important tables like the powers of 3 (3^1=3; 3^3 = 9)

•          Important formulas

•          Tips and tables for converting binary to decimals


Be careful when answering questions.

When you take the Cisco exam, you won’t be allowed to return to any of your questions after they have been answered. Therefore you should be extremely careful when answering since if you answer it wrong you can’t change it. Take the time to be sure of your answer before you finalize it.

Even though the Cisco CCNA exam may seem intimidating, remembering these tips can help make the exam less difficult for you.

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