No one likes the default views and it always good way to modify a thing and give it a custom look to show our taste, now a days everybody owns a laptop or a pc and the latest OS windows 8 has great looks but ofcourse you might want add your taste to the default looks of windows 8 home screen,  The default appearance of the screen start Windows 8 can be customized in several ways. Here are the best tools to customize Windows 8. Hope you like it ans share it.


OblyTile : OblyTile is one of the best free tools for Windows 8 released to add new tiles to screen Home. With this little tool , you can quickly create and add new tiles with custom colors and an icon to the Start menu to launch files and programs.

Download OblyTile


Decor8 : Decor8 is paid software developed by Stardock . Decor8 allows you to configure your own custom image as wallpaper for home and also allows you to set the number of rows of tiles on the screen of Home. The tool is very useful for those who love customizing Windows 8 . Customize your start screen background images, Create your own Windows 8 color scheme, Randomize the start screen background.

Download Decor8


Start Screen Customizer : This tool allows you to change the image of wallpaper , and sets the number of rows and tiles. It also provides the ability to rotate wallpaper to start in specified time interval.

Download Start Screen Customizer

win 8 start menu modifier

Modifier Start Menu : Start Menu Modifier allows you to set the screen start to be able to see the screenstart and live tiles without leaving the desk area. Also allows you to display the bar tasks on screen start .

Download Start Menu Modifier


Start Screen Animation Tweaker : As its name implies, this little app helps you to enable animations startscreen hidden in a couple of mouse clicks. The default animation that appears when you switch to the Start screen can also be disabled with the help of this tool free.

Download Start Screen Animation Tweaker