Tawea – Chat with your Facebook Friends while Surfing the Internet

Facebook is now the largest social network, with increase in number of users its getting more popular too,it has become a means by which we communicate with our friends or family anywhere in the world, and something that is most widely used in Facebook, is Chat, write and communicate in real time with other people is one of the major activities of Facebook users, which is why today I introduce you a Chrome extension that allows us to basically have facebook chat on any window we are surfing on net.

Tawea is a browser extension witch allows you chat with your friends while you are surfing the Internet


Tawea as mentioned is an extension for Google Chrome, it is a tool that allows us to have Facebook chat on any website we open in chrome browser, I mean we can talk or chat with our Facebook friends from any page on internet, something to be mentioned with is the safety of Tawea users is, Tawea only run when we surf secure web pages, and also will not open in windows in incognito mode.

Below I have added some screenshots of Tawea to show you how it works.

tawea install



tawea-facebook-chat 1

tawea-facebook-chat 2

Tawea is very interesting idea, currently only available for Google Chrome, but its showing on their homepage that soon they will be coming out with an extension for safari, opera, firefox and internet explorer too. Hope you will like this chrome extension and happy Chatting!!!!!!

tawea support

Link | Tawea

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