Few days back I reviewed I’m Watch which is fully loaded with android and helps you making your life easier by connecting your phone to it, Also I reviewed  Diablotek U310 – The Ubuntu ‘Keyboard PC’ which is also fully loaded pc loaded into a keyboard, The Cotton Candy: USB Stick Sized Quad Core PC and the USB PC, to add one more Gadget to this list I am introducing you to StormFly – a PC on Your Wrist.  As the name itself suggest yes its a USB 3.0 based USB stick fully loaded with Linux OS. This device came on Kickstarter a few days ago is a bracelet with a USB 3.0 connector and internal SSD memory that once connected to a PC or Mac works as an independent computer and stores file on it.


With a killer Operating System, contained on a super-fast USB 3.0 wristband, StormFly is basically a PC on your wrist.

StormFly is a truly revolutionary device, not its components, but its main idea which aims to separate the information from the rest of the hardware that makes a computer run.

Perhaps the easiest way to understand how StormFly works but first explain what it does. As shown on Kickstarter campaign is that StormFly can be a great tool for children as they can access a personal computer, with all their information and their own programs by simply connecting the device to a any computer.

Moreover, the computer to which the device is connected  will start StormFly engine since its original OS never starts. In this way the computer you are accessing functions as a mere vehicle for the StormFly a 😉 computer on wrist. It interrupt the boot process (not as hard as it sounds) and then redirect all of the computer hardware to run everything from StormFly.

StormFly has a 16GB SSD half of which is for the operation of the operating system based on LinuxTherefore there is still a space to fill in 8GB, whatever, which may seem small, but remember that the cost of StormFly is only worth $ 59.

Below you can see StormFly in action: