As per the latest reports of Microsoft, the New Office 2013 will feature a lot of innovations and great specs that will give you the required impetus in the new digital surrounding. Both business models and consumers will reap the benefits as the Microsoft Office 2013 is designed to deliver awesome flexibility and productivity due to inclusion of cloud service and pairing facility with new Windows 8. Excellent features of Office 2013 are discussed below –

Applications – There will be Windows 8 styles apps in Office 2013 such as Lync and OneNote which will provide you with amazing touch-first experiences on the favorite tablets. Accessing the features with finger has been made simple due to radial menu.

  • Connectivity – You can do a lot of things in SharePoint such embedding and viewing Office contents, videos and pictures. You are also free to follow sites, documents, teams and people.
  • Meetings – The fresh Presenter View will offer you quality information about the speaker notes, presentation time, upcoming & current slides in the PowerPoint. Presentations and meetings will be much easier for you with zooming, marking playing HD videos and navigating slides with stylus and touch.
  • Inking – Email responses can be handwritten and converted into text. You can also create contents, access features and take notes with the help of stylus.
  • Markup & reading – Get an enriched reading experience in Word through Read Mode. The consumer can further turn pages by touching, see the revision marks and stream new videos even in Word.
  • SkyDrive – Your documents will be saved in SkyDrive which makes them accessible anywhere via tablet, PC and phones. Syncing facility is also there and you can further access those documents in offline mode.
  • Skype – Every month, the customer will get 60 world minutes on Skype which is now incorporated in Office 2013. Contacts can be easily synced with Lync.
  • Digital Note-taking – It will allow you to access all the documents and files with OneNote through multiple devices. You can easily take notes with the help of keyboard, pen or touch.
  • Subscription – If you are interested in getting elegant cloud services to avail extra storage in SkyDrive and extra minutes in Skype; you can easily enroll yourself in the new subscription service. It is in fact, cloud-based and you will get all the future upgrades.
  • Touch feature – The fresh Office 2013 offers you a great response to touching just like mouse and keyboard. Touching and swiping fingers will be easier for you to zoom and read documents and presentations.

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