Sky is one of the most commonly known products in the UK and Ireland. It is an entertainment service that includes numerous digital packages that allows for the consumption of premium content. This article will go over one aspect of this service the Sky TV packages.

 sky tv packages

The Different Sky TV Packs

There are different levels of TV packs to fit consumer needs. This section will go over the 3 main TV packages offered when choosing Sky for digital content, they are:

Sky Entertainment

This is the entry-level service provided by Sky and is for consumers who like to casually watch premium content at their leisure. The package includes over 35 premium channels on top of the 240 free-to-air channels available to subscribers, on-demand services that allows you to catch up to the latest shows that have aired in the past, a digital video recorder that allows you to record, pause, fast-forward, and rewind live TV, and an app for viewing your favorite channels on-the-go. For an entry-level product priced at £21.50 a month, this TV pack would probably fulfill the needs of most consumers.

Sky Entertainment Extra

As the name would imply, those who need a bit extra when it comes to digital services should choose this TV package. This service expands on the previous one by offering over 80 premium channels in addition to the 240 free-to-air channels available–more than double the entry-level package’s offering. There is of course, Sky+ for digital video recording, Catch Up TV for on-demand services from Sky, ITV, 4oD, and Demand 5, Sky Go for mobile viewing, and in addition to all of this 8 free-to-air high definition (HD) channels so that you can really enjoy shows that you already watch. This package is priced at £27 a month and would satisfy users who want to add HD and a greater selection of premium channels to their viewing appetite.

Sky Entertainment Extra+

This is Sky’s greatest TV package. It expands on the services offered in the previous packages and adds so much more. With this pack, subscribers get over 80 premium channels on top of the 240 free-to-air channels, Sky+ for pausing, recording, and rewinding live TV, Catch Up TV with Sky+HD to watch past shows in beautiful high definition, Sky Go for mobile viewing, an impressive 45+ HD channels, Box Sets on demand to re-watch entire series of shows for those free weekends, and Sk 3D to take advantage of high-end displays. This level of service isn’t much higher than the previous one and comes in at just £32 a month. It is best used for people who take great pleasure in watching high quality, premium shows that air live or for those who simply like re-watching or catching up to their favorite shows.


The several Sky TV packages mentioned above should give you a good overview of what Sky offer to your living room entertainment package. There are different price points with different services to satisfy different consumers. Subscribe to Sky and get the best that British and American television has to offer with 1 of 3 TV packs that will help you enjoy the rest of your day.