Most of the bloggers love to work from the house, as more than 80% of bloggers utilize the opportunity of blogging as their part time jobs, despite of the fact that blogging pays them more than their day time job. These people, generally use the blogging income to decorate their living room with handful of gadgets and other stuff.

If you are serious about blogging and decided to lease or buy a new office that suits your requirements, then I hope this post will definitely help you out. The world has been evolving into dramatic power and almost everything is becoming virtual as most of the companies are now encouraging the virtual meetings or virtual conferences and I personally attended many Webminars which are considered as sort of virtual conferences.

Seriously, do you think that having a real time office for bloggers work?

Because having a real time office might cost really high and it is considered as risky task considering the fact that Google Algorithm is fluctuating these days and no one can expect what exactly is going to happen. Most of the bloggers from USA or UK, tend to search for some offices and if they searching for some sources that help them to find serviced office space options, then i2office might be the best option for them.

Some of the benefits of having a real time office for bloggers

  • Serious Work Environment
  • No Distractions
  • Perfect Time Table

But there are some of the disadvantages, that they might have to face like

  • Time Waste for travelling.
  • Lack of Flexiblity
  • Cost Effectiveness

Many other things, that makes us to stay away from considering the lease for our office, instead we can just create a work environment at our home itself which adds almost every flavor to your dream work place. You might be aware of the fact that most of the banks across the world are relying on online banking which provides them to interact with their customers directly. You might be aware of many banks that introduced net-banking, SBI netbanking and HDFC netbanking options are my favorites. These netbanking options helps us to transfer money from our living room and saves lot of time. The virtual environments have created many options for mankind and online banking is one of the best options that we can consider.