Portable Softwares : Why are they better?

For those who use computer since long know how useful the portable software can be. As technology has advanced such programs also has. The issue is whether we should put aside all installable programs and switch to using portable softwares only.

Portable softwares

Just in case someone does not know what a Portable Software is?, I will briefly explain what it is. A portable software is a program that does not needs to be installed on a PC and leave no record(installation files) in it and especially can be used on any PC you want.

A portable software may be just an executable file as a whole folder full of files. This type of program is bounded on its own limitations and changes, if any, are made only by itself.

Why portable softwares are better

At first the portable softwares were limited versions of some Full Softwares . Now, thanks to advancing technology, the capacity of storage devices and the speed of internet, these portable softwares are available in addition to full versions of software.

Today we can find a wide variety portable versions of programs used in our daily life. But what we gain when we purchased a portable instead of an installable or full program?

Here I am listing down some advantages of portable programs:

No more junk files

The first reason is advantageous removal of junk files that are installed on our PC with conventional softwares. Using portable softwares eliminate the possibility of residual files or other file that eventually contribute to poor PC performance.

Portable Software saved preferences

Another reason why it is preferable to use portable softwares is that because they retain our preference for more than one PC and we can work on multiple PC with same program preference. So, besides being portable and able to use them wherever and whenever we want immediately, also maintain our preferences, because the records are always stored in your folder.

Same features as full/installable softwares

We can also say that portable applications work same as installable/full softwares. For example we can make a portable program open a file type by default, appear on our menu bar or even to start with Windows. Basically there is nothing you can do with an installable and not with portable.

Despite popular belief, most portable softwares today, the Installable or full program can update themselves.This has brought much the characteristics of these two types of programs.

The disadvantages of a portable softwares

Although keep repeating over and over again that portable programs are the future (and perhaps the present) there is a weakness in them, at least for now. The main reason is that the installable works faster.

Difference in speed

Portable programs are not slow at all, but obviously this feature or problem (as you call it) is limited by two aspects: the type of program and the capabilities of our PC. I am convinced that there are few programs today need to be installed to function with a fast PC or higher config.

Limited number of programs

As a last point we can say that for the moment not all programs have a portable version and this is quite limiting our selection.

In short, if you will follow my advice, I always recommend the use of portable programs than Full version. Of course the final decision is always yours.

Author: Jayadrathsingh Champavat

A tech enthusiast, blogs at Technotips love to Google around on web, finding and learning about new technology, softwares, blogging and I share my knowledge with world through my blog.

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