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MessageMe a New free Messaging Service like Whatsapp and Viber

At the birth time of internet, probably no one would had guessed that it will become such a strong way to interact between human being despite the primary function of internet was to communicate between different computers separated by a larger distance. Right now, Internet is an absolute example for a true competitor of any of existing communication technologies like normal Voice calls or text messages. And the one and only reason for this success is that all these features are FREE when money you spend for your internet connection is excluded.


You might be using a number of Internet communication services today, even while you are using this article either by your PC or your favorite Mobile Devices. And, as you know there are a large number of FREE services available in the World Wide Web which allows you to interact with your friends, colleagues, or any of your lovable ones. This large number comprises many of your favorites like GTalk, Skype MSN Messenger etc. When it comes to the case of mobile devices the choices are simply changed to Whatsapp, Viber, ChatON, Facebook Messenger etc. And we’re now going to improve the length of your list by introducing a new messaging application to you, MessageMe.


As its name says, MessageMe is an Android application which allows you to send absolutely FREE messages through your Android Device by an Internet connection. Just like their description in Play Store, MessageMe will simply remove your habit of ‘SMS’ing to your friends because you can simply install MessageMe in your device and tell your friends to install it after which you won’t be in need of SMS messages. Some standard messaging features like Social Network Integration, Location Sharing, Multi-connectivity support (EDGE, 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi) are included in MessageMe which makes the App a normal competitor to all other Messaging Apps available in Google Play.

 But as a normal user of messaging applications, you could simply doubt whether there’s a need of another Messaging Application on the internet while there’s already a numerous apps in this stage. But I should say, MessageMe is a bit different from your normal messaging applications like Whatsapp or Viber. MessageMe development was led by Arjun Sethi, cofounder of a Silicon Valley based startup.

What makes MessageMe different?

  • Doodles – Be more creative buddies! MessageMe allows you to perform some Creative (Sometimes, Crazy ;) ) stuff in your messages rather than stuffing it with text and some media attachments. Not only kids, any of your crazy or geeky friends will love this.


  • Light-Weight – MessageMe seems not to be greedy about your device’s battery neither of performance. Your device will be standing with proud even if you put MessageMe background for a while.
  • Multiple Logins- You can run MessageMe on numerous devices but the restrictions limit it to be either Android or iOS.

 By adding Doodles to its communicative content list, MessageMe is actually giving itself a label ‘Fashionable’, of course. You can show your doodling skills from scratch as well as doodling on your existing photographs. When Doodles are added with normal shareable media like Photos, videos, audio recordings, etc. this small 5MB stuffed App becomes much better than you expect from Whatsapp or alternatives.

Addition of location and music sharing with friends is also a noticeable feature in MessageMe as none of existing apps are offering such. You can share a specific music file with your friends which are more intuitive than texts. Location sharing is also quite worth using.

Will MessageMe survive?

Most of you will be already in a thought that messaging app world is saturated and none of future app can get flourished in this field. But MessageMe’s developer, Arjun Sethi has a different perspective and he’s optimistic that MessageMe will surely succeed.


After finding all these facts, we must say that MessageMe is a worth installing Android Application and it has much more than a usual messaging Application like Whatsapp or Viber. But the application will be better if they are adding voice calls in it which will help the application to compete with Viber. What you think about MessageMe? Share it via comments.

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