It happens with us that we send many mails and don’t have a facility to track it. Whether its been read or not. We normally get this facility with Microsoft OutLook (read receipt) but it is not available with the web based mail services like Gmail.

So today I’ll tell you how to track mails sent through Gmail and get the Whatsapp like double-check notification. MailTrack is a service that works only with Gmail and Chrome using an Chrome extension, which helps you in monitoring whether the person has opened the email you sent. It uses the traditional system of ticks or Whatsapp like double-check to indicate the status of the mail.

MailTrack - Track your Gmail

So How does MailTrack alert me that my emails have been read?

You only see the ✓ when your email is opened for the first time, but MailTrack can do more. If you hover your mouse over the double-checks, you will also see the history of all the days and hours that your recipients have opened your messages, as well as which device is being used (PC, iPhone, etc).

The MailTrack Chrome extension is free and ensures complete privacy of our information and messages. You can find more information and answer  to your questions on the web site about this utility. It only remains for you to try this interesting tool and share with us your views on it.