Micromax Funbook P300 is an amazing device. It almost changed the scenario of budget Android Tablets in India back when Micromax launched it back then.

It actually came Pre-rooted and had the widely used Allwinner A10 chipset which gave it the dev support that made this tab much more awesome.

Devs were working hard to launch their own versions of Custom ROMs for Funbook. In this post I’ll list all the custom ROMs available on the internet for Micromax Funbook P300.

Funseries ROM

This is the ROM that one would for Funbook one would find when he searches “ROMs for Funbook”. It has some really cool features and the developer is dedicated to make this ROM better with every release. Right now this ROM is in its 3rd version and some main features are that this ROM supports Bluetooth dongles and PS3 gamepads/controllers also some other cool features.


JetMOD™ 5.0 ROM

This ROM has been developed my Varun Chitre. It comes with some extra features that some other ROMs don’t sport. Some highlighted features are Beats Audio, xLoud, Smooth scroll and  Adrenaline. This is basically based on the Ployer momo 9 tab. It works great!



This ROM is nothing but PURE stock ICS for your Funbook. This ROM will remove all the bloatwares and crapwares from the device and give you the full Google Android experience without any modifications. Install Clean ICS on Micromax Funbook P300.

CyanBook ROM

This is literally the BEST ROM for Funbook out there. This ROM, as the name suggests, is based on CyanogenMod 9. This ROM was brought to Funbook by Karndev.

This ROM brings the goodness of CM9 on your Funbook and also provides you the awesome CM9 feel. 


CyanBook JellyBean ROM (Beta)

This is the first Jellybean ROM for Funbook P300. It is the successor to the CyanBook ROM which was based on CM9. This ROM is actually based on CM10 and is still in its second Beta.

It does have some bugs right now but we should also not forget that this ROM is in its Beta right now. We will be seeing improvements in the near future.

Install Android 4.1 JellyBean (Beta 2) on Micromax Funbook.

So choose the one that matches you and go on, install and enjoy!