Recently It was made available the new version of the Ubuntu-based operating system, Linux Mint 9 with type LXDE desktop environment, an environment very light and ideal for hardware machines with not very advanced.

This version of the operating system is based on Lucid Lynx Kubuntu 4.10 (The implementation of KDE Ubuntu ) and also includes some tools like Xorg 7.5 and Amarok 2.3.0Everything else can be said that they are almost the same general characteristics that implement versions with other environments such as the inclusion of a software center improved, a tool to make backups, among others.

Requirements for Linux Mint KDE Edition 9

Also, from the Linux official blog, revealed certain details that include this version of the operating system with KDE. One of these details have been hardware requirements to install Linux Mint 9, which are:

  • Processor type: X86
  • RAM Memory 512 MB
  • Minimum resolution: 800 x 600
  • Support for DVD or USB port

Must be said that OpenSuse is not the only one who makes an excellent implementation of KDE as Linux Mint is positioning itself as one of the easiest Linux distributions to use for those just starting in the Linux universe.

Source: Linux Mint Blog
Download: Linux Mint 9