Key Lime Pie  The next version of Google’s Android software will be revealed during mid of the year 2013 according to new leaked information by Chip-builder Qualcomm which inadvertently confirmed the arrival of Key Lime Pie with a leaked document detailing the development of Android. Key Lime Pie is planned for the second quarter of 2013.


The image is part of Qualcomm’s private papers and the Android icon appears accompanied by a lime cake. Key Lime Pie would be the next version number 5 Android operating system developed by Google. There is still waiting for the date before the safe release and know many more leaks as almost always happens with software development.

Google usually announces the new version of Android at annual developer conference Google I/O in May. The new upgrade usually takes a while to filter down to new phones, and as per the Qualcomm’s roadmap we expects the new Android operating system to hit devices in Summer.

The current version of Android is 4.2 Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean made its debut on the Google Nexus 7 tablet and Nexus 4 phone, so keep your fingers crossed for a cool new Nexus phone to show off Key Lime Pie. Buying a Nexus device is usually the only way to guarantee you get to play with the latest version of Android, since updates can take a while to hit your current phone.

Via | Cnet