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Forfone : WhatsApp, Viber and Skype in one application

Well Well Well its not what you are thinking about today I found out a new and very useful Application which gives you freedom from using three different applications WhatsAppViber and Skype. forfone lets you make Free calls, text and picture messages from & to anyone – anywhere in the world. Ant the best thing is its available for Android and iPhone. I would love to call forfone a three in one application which solves your need for WhatsAppViber and Skype.

forfone is a free VoIP application that allows you to place free calls to anyone that has forfone installed on his/her iPhone or Android device. All you need is a WiFi or 3G connection to place free calls and send free text and picture messages to any forfone user. With the VoIP app forfone you can also make national and international calls to landlines and non forfone users at very low rates.

Main features of forfone:

  • fortalk – Free, unlimited calls to other forfone users worldwide
  • forchat – Free, unlimited text messages including picture sharing between forfone users
  • forvideo – Free video chat is coming soon
  • forfriends – No problem if your friends don’t have forfone installed yet. Start telling them about the free app and if they have an iPhone or Android device send them an invitation so you can start calling and texting them for free.
  • forout – With forout you can call any landline number or someone outside the forfone network. Check out our extremely low national and international rates with forout. With outfree forfone even gives away free minutes!

The best thing about forfone is that there are no hidden fees using any of the forfree features. No in-application purchases are required and no annoying ads are disturbing you.

Guaranteed! Go ahead and download forfone to your iPhone or Android device. Right now its supporting iPhone, iPod, iPad and all Android devices but they are working on making forfone available for Windows7 and tablets.

Forfone is using the newest technology in order to provide best possible voice quality. Please keep in mind that the voice quality depends on your internet connection. Best quality is reached with 3G or a full WiFi signal. You can try out this great App for your phone from below links and dont forget to share this post on facebook if you like it!!!!

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