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How To Draft Effective Drip Emails With

Email drip campaigns offer an effective means of converting prospects into loyal customers. However, how well the drip campaigns perform depends a great deal on how well you compose the emails. So, how do you write highly effective drip emails capable of converting prospects? Here are some practical tips to help you write those really irresistible emails.

Keep them interconnected

Although you will send out emails at different points of time, it is important to remember that the emails you spread must be logically connected or correlated with each other. Each email should serve as a link in the chain of communication rather than being a standalone, unrelated email message. In order to achieve this objective, it would be better to write down all the email messages in a single sitting.

Keep it short and simple

Remember that everybody is busy; nobody has time to read lengthy emails. People often tend to scan through the messages to get the information as soon as possible. Keeping messages short and to the point will increase the chances of people reading them. Use short paragraphs, short sentences, and short words.

Keep the language as simple as possible. Avoid using industry jargon and technical terms, especially if audience does not have a technical background.

Use a personal tone

In this age of globalization, you often do not know prospects personally but that does not mean you should not personalize communication with them. Irrespective of how dry the product or service is, always write in a personal tone. After all, you are connecting with real human beings with souls and emotions.

Be mindful of not over-personalizing communication. The extent and manner of personalization depend upon the audience, how long they have been with you, the nature of your business, and many other factors.

Create an element of suspense

This technique of adding an element of suspense around the product, service or deal you are offering works wonders in marketing. Many businesses have used it successfully and it will work for you too. Create suspense by telling the prospects that they are about to receive something wonderful very soon or that an irresistible offer is soon coming their way. This will keep the audience hooked and looking forward to your next email. Thus, when you send out the next email in the series, the prospects will be more likely to read it.

Add a CTA

CTA or call-to-action is a valuable part of any marketing communication. There is no way you should leave it out from drip campaigns. Once you have passed on the valuable information to the prospects, the next step involves telling them what to do or what is expected from them.

The CTA can be included in a number of different ways. It can be as simple as inserting a clickable button to get more information about the product or offer, inserting a short form to get contact details from those interested in your offer, and so on.

How to do it?

All the mentioned above tips can be easily followed with the help of Email Drip Campaigns tool. You can create an email sequence and compose every email on the go taking into consideration every piece of advice:

  • build chains of emails with delays and triggers;
  • compose short to-the-point personalized emails with custom variables;
  • add a trackable link (and that is the CTA).

Every email drip campaign is different. The goals are different, the audiences are different, and so should be the approach. So, keep the campaign unique and customize it to suit your business and audience.

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