Many of us already know about the portable applications for Windows , that is, those applications that do not require installation and we can carry on a USB stick and use them without problems. If you are Linux user then today you will be happy, because here is a complete collection of portable applications for Linux, With which you can work comfortably from any computer.

The site is called PortableLinuxapps , and obviously has a large repository of free portable software ready to download and use.

The site in total has more than 50 portable applications for Linux, among which you can find browsers, Design tools , P2P applications , among others. Specifically we find some known as Emule Firefox, Pidgin , FileZilla , Opera , Blender , Audacity , TeamViewer 5 WireShark and lots of other free applications and obviously all portable.

In addition, the project currently is supported by Source Forge, One of the distribution portals free software most important of the network , so insurance will gradually adding many more portable applications.

Link: PortableLinuxapps