The Displayport to VGA Female Cable Adapter is unique in its own class because it can easily convert Displayport to VGA with the help of a chip. This chip works on the fundamentals of converting the digital input into analog output. This cable Adapter has found its place because unlike everyone, some people still use the old technology. And this adapter eliminates all the efforts needed to upgrade the software that is otherwise mandatory.

3 Unique Features About to DP to VGA Cable Adaptor that You Must Know

To begin with, the first basic is buying a genuine and non-duplicated displayport to VGA cable at or other companies that have a record of customer satisfaction. Now comes the turn of the features because of which you should be buying this cable adapter. The 3 most persuasive ones are listed below.

  • Saves a Lot Of Money

    It becomes insanely expensive to upgrade the monitor again and again with technology developments. And it is the maximum if you want to upgrade the system in a way that it can convert digital to analog. But instead, you can easily attach a VGA monitor to DP source for a successful conversion. In other words, it ends up saving all the installation and upgrading charges required for comparability.

  • Delivers High-Quality Video

    This male to female adaptor has a male DP connector and a female VGA connector. Its HDTV resolution is as high as 1080p and with other monitors it can be as high as 1920 X 1200. In other words, you will always get an ultra clear and bright quality video because the DP to VGA connector cable can support, transfer, and deliver high bandwidth videos.

  • It is Compatible With A Number Of Video and Audio Sources

    It isn’t just desktop computers that the DP to VGA cable adaptor is compatible with. The list includes 4K televisions, tablets, and notebooks. In fact, it can easily support multi-channel audios including HDMI audio. Not to forget, it is compatible with 2K stereo audio that it delivers at 120 Hz frame rate.

Other than these 3 most viable features, there is one more feature that you may find handy that is – Despite this adaptor supports 4K TV’s, the best way to enjoy highest quality 4K clarity is not using a monitor that has a refresh rate lower than 60 Hz. This is because, any lesser, there will be pixilation.