Everybody’s talking about the Apple Watch, and not all of the talk is positive. Just as Apple decides that bigger screens are the way forward for iPhones, they bring out a new leap in technology – with a smaller screen. Given that a major driver for increased iPhone screen real estate has been the use of mobile devices for entertainment, and gaming in particular, what’s the outlook for gamers who might be interested in Apple’s wearable tech?

Mobile Gaming in 2015

Increased screen resolution (as well as better, faster, more widely available connectivity) has led to massive growth in mobile gaming. Pocket sized entertainment devices capable of amazing graphics are now the norm, meaning that, at least in theory, you’ll never be bored again. Of course, the quality of the games available is also driving this growth. One of the biggest sectors in gaming in the last decade has been the online casino, offering Vegas-style thrills (often allowing players to practice for free) without the need to travel. While you might not be able to use an Apple Watch to play Royal Vegas casino games in Canada or the US just yet, you can bet that somebody’s working behind the scenes right now to make wrist-poker a real thing.

Apple Watch Games

Meanwhile, there are games you can play on an Apple Watch; and they’re more complex than you might imagine, even at this relatively early stage of development. Runeblade, for example, was released in April, and it’s a great-looking game that promises fantasy adventure thrills with clear, cartoon-like graphics, that should work well on the biggest Apple Watch’s 42mm screen. But it doesn’t stop there – while full-sized Scrabble would be a challenge on a screen this small, Letter Zap uses large, easy-to-read letter tiles to create a quick, enjoyable word game you can play anywhere. Meanwhile, fans of early home-computer text adventures like The Hobbit will be delighted with Lifeline, a game in which you receive messages from, and make decisions for, an explorer who’s landed on a far-off planet.

Smartwatches and the Future of Gaming

We’re at a very early stage in the development of smart watches, but the fact that many major manufacturers have entered the field means that they’re probably here to stay. Better games will inevitably follow, and the devices will get more practical. It wasn’t that long ago that nobody seemed to know what an iPad was for; if Apple and the other tech giants can smooth out the inevitable teething problems of the first-gen smartwatches, we could all be gaming on our wrists sooner than you might think.