Google To Play A Terrific Role In Searching Your Parked Car

parking location

It would not be absolutely inappropriate if you call Google, the supreme master of the every dominant and bizarre information from almost all paramount nook and corners of the universe. Did you ever think that “Google” would come up to assist you in finding your lost car in a parking lot? You probably never imagined […]

Application to Detect Intruders in a WiFi network

Fing - Network Tools

The main advantage of WiFi network is the ability to connect to the Internet wirelessly, at the same time is also its greatest danger. While we always tries to keep our WiFi network secure by using passwords / keys, there are many users who still have open network or with basic security key which anyone with experience […]

Ubuntu and Android Dual Boot Developer Preview-Released

Ubuntu and Android dual boot developer preview

This Christmas Ubuntu has come up with good news for developers by announcing Dual Boot on smartphone devices.  A new feature in Ubuntu Touch: Dual boot with Android , initially will be available for developers who are interested in trying it. Designed to easily switch between Android and Ubuntu. Compatible with Android stock , CyanogenMod and AOSP. Usually installed […]

MailTrack – the Whatsapp double-check (✓✓) to track your Gmail

MailTrack - Track your Gmail

It happens with us that we send many mails and don’t have a facility to track it. Whether its been read or not. We normally get this facility with Microsoft OutLook (read receipt) but it is not available with the web based mail services like Gmail. So today I’ll tell you how to track mails sent […]

Windows 8 Apps that you can not miss on your Computer


Last month Microsoft released a new and improved version of its operating system: Windows 8.1, and with it many new features besides we have more applications available. Weather you have upgraded from Windows 7 or Windows 8, Its always a fun to try out the new Metro style apps on the new OS Windows 8.1. We have selected […]

Is Your Current Data Security Setup Enough?


Whether your business qualifies as a data controller in the eyes of the law according to the Data Protection Act or your business simply relies on the security and availability of your data, security is always an issue that needs attention before an event rather than a remedy afterwards. As most businesses are moving their […]